Underwater volcanoes in your living room

What would it be like to observe the secrets of oceanic volcanoes, just as we observe the stars? “Bringing Underwater Volcanoes, Hot Springs, and the Life That They Host Directly Into Your Living Rooms Live 24/7” will be presented by Professor Deborah Kelley (University of Washington, USA).
Professor Kelley’s research is on active submarine volcanoes, hydro-thermal vents and associated life. She is director of the National Science Foundation Oceans Observatories Initiative where cables have been laid out across key sites in the northwest Pacific Ocean. Live, direct streaming of these sites is now accessible to anyone. Now we can observe the secrets of some oceanic volcanoes, just as we observe the stars.
This is an exciting real-time experiment on large scale and allows scientists and educators to view some of the features of Axial Seamount Volcano, a volcano which is more than 400 km offshore and in water up to 5 km deep. Her talk will include videos of some of the amazing features of this very active volcano.

Submarine volcanism remains underexplored and underexamined – three quarters of Earth lies beneath water, and a substantial majority of Earth’s volcanic eruptions take place in this subaqueous realm. In conjunction with the American Geophysical Union’s Chapman Conference on Submarine Volcanism, join us for a series of public lectures as we explore cutting-edge research in this fascinating field.