On Albatross Island

In 2014 Richard Wastell and Matthew Newton, two of Tasmania’s leading young artists, accompanied a team of scientists lead by Dr Rachael Alderman on expeditions to remote Albatross Island, Bass Strait, home to over 5000 breeding pairs of Tasmania’s endemic Shy Albatross.
On Albatross Island showcases Richard and Matthews’ individual artistic responses to this unique environment, while speaking to the important scientific based conservation work being done there. It is a significant exhibition of paintings, drawings, photographs and video works of a unique and distinctly Tasmanian environment, its life-forms, and its evolving human history.
You are invited to join the artists at the exhibition opening at 6pm, Thursday 28 April.
This exhibition is supported by Purves Environmental Fund, Purryburry Trust, CSIRO, Wagner Framemakers, Bookend Trust, Bett Gallery, Pennicott Foundation, Land Tasmania, Marine Conservation Program & Tasmanian Government.