Architectural Science Association Conference 2023

This year’s theme is┬áSustainability and Health: The nexus of carbon-neutral architecture and well-being.

Architecture is now seeing rapid change and innovation in a push to reduce our contribution to greenhouse gases and climate change; but has there been an equal focus on well-being in the built environment?

This November in Tasmania, we look at putting people back on the agenda. Are sustainable buildings also healthy for humans? And if not, what are we doing about it?

Conference sub-themes

Indoor and outdoor Environment Quality and Performance
Architectural construction and technology
Building physics (energy, sound, light, hygrothermal)
Data driven design, Big Data, Parametric Design
Architectural education
Regenerative/reuse (permanence, transformation, contemporaneity)
Practice/Practitioner, Community and Industry Engagement, applied science in practice
The social side of sustainability; communicating architectural science to a wider audience.

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