Science Week Grants Round 2

National Science Week Seed Grants: Round 2

Thank you for going through this process in what is an exceptional year for many reasons. The Coordinating Committee would like to thank you for your willingness to take up the challenge to provide an accessible, online event for all Tasmanians. We believe this year gives us the opportunity to share what Tasmania is capable of to a national and even global audience.

To complete the grant application process, please fill out and submit this form by midnight on Monday 15 June 2020. For those who submitted more comprehensive expressions of interest, feel free to copy and paste your responses and include any additional information mentioned via email.


Please register your event on the National Science Week website to be included in the online searchable database and the Science Week phone app - we recommend completing both this form and the online registration concurrently. If you added an event in previous years, simply login using the account you created.

Visit the Science Week website to complete this process.
  • ADMIN ONLY: Not for publication

    This section won't be published. It is for administrative purposes only and for continuation of the grant review process.
  • Please give us the direct contact number of the person organising the event.
  • Audience

    Tell us about who you expect to interact with your event and/or resource(s).
  • Please describe who will interact with you during National Science Week. (e.g families with young children, adults etc)
  • How will you get the word out about your event? Do you have a promotion plan? (e.g. Social media, media releases, newsletters, networks etc) FYI - you can get a free promotional plan template on the National Science Week website and we also suggest you add the National Science Week Tasmania Facebook page as a co-host so it will appear on our page as part of a large list of events.
  • Why are you doing this and what do you hope it will achieve? National Science Week aims to promote STEM to all Tasmanians, and to inform them of the science going on in our community.
  • Your budget can be basic but should address total income and expenditure, including in kind contributions; make sure you clearly highlight which aspects will be covered by the grant (up to $2,000). Download the budget template.

    Please provide as many details about your event/resource as you can at this stage, that we can make public through this year’s National Science Week program, our major publication, which is distributed across Tasmania in newspapers and community spaces.

    We encourage all events and resources to be provided online this year given COVID-19 and ongoing public health advice.

    We understand if you have limited info about your event at this stage. Please provide what you can so that we can begin to promote it. We will be asking people to visit the Science Week website and our Facebook page for up to date information on events closer to Science Week.

    IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE EVENTS: Please put what you can in the info box or email the events in the below format to

  • This will appear at the top of your listing. Give it a short, snappy name that will help it stand out!
  • Will appear in the program booklet as written below (maximum 300 characters - approx 50 words) - The best event descriptions are brief, enticing, and in plain English. What are the key things that people need to know? What will spark their interest? Please note: entries may be edited prior to publishing.
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    Put the date of your event, or the start date here. If it's a resource, put the date you plan on making it available online. (Note: we will be in contact with you about scheduling after you submit the form so don't worry if your live stream doesn't have a date yet.)
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    Please use this field only if your event goes for multiple days.
    Select if applicable.
  • :
    Please put the time your event begins here.
  • :
    Please put the end time of the event if known.
  • Please tell us where people can find your event/resource.
  • This item will be listed publicly - it can be a business/organisation name if appropriate. The listing also requires a minimum of one contact method for event inquiries - please see below.
  • To be published with your listing.
  • To be published with your listing.
  • Please include a website where people can find more information. It can be the event page on Facebook or EventBrite etc. If it is a long address, please use a service such as or tiny url to make a small, custom URL. If this is the same as the link listed above, leave blank.
  • Event fees and booking

    Let people know if they should RSVP or buy a ticket.
    Please let us know if bookings are essential, appreciated (nice to have but not necessary), or not required. This could be by selecting 'going' on your Facebook event or securing an Eventbrite ticket.
  • Maximum 100 characters - must include relevant contact name/email/website. Please write Not Applicable (N/A) if you do not require RSVPs or bookings.
    Are you charging for a live streamed event?
  • Eg. $10 Eventbrite ticket
  • Reminder

    BEFORE YOU PROCEED: you must also register your event by Friday 31 July on the National Science Week website - - in order for your event to appear on the searchable database and the Science Week phone app.
  • Quick guide key

    We use icons in the program to help people choose what event or resource is appropriate for them. Please select all that apply to your event. If you're unsure what to choose, please get in touch.
    Info on Children's University
  • Event image (optional)

    Please supply an appropriate, clear, high quality (max 2MB) photo which can be published in the program. The image must not have any words or logos on it and should represent your event as best as possible. Please ensure that you have permission to use this photo. (No Googled images)
  • Accepted file types: jpg.
    Please submit a plain image with no text or logos - choose one image that will represent your event well. You must have permission to use this image so please ensure it belongs to your organisation or has been approved for use by the photographer. It may also be an image which is under a creative commons license. Not all photos will be published due to limited space availability but we will endeavour to use them all.
  • Please let us know if you have additional info or instructions. You can also email if you have any questions.