National Science Week

If you received a seed grant to create an event or activity for National Science Week 2020, please fill out the acquittal survey below by Friday 2 October 2020.

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National Science Week Tasmania 2020 - Seed Grant Recipient Acquittal Form

Thank you for creating an activity for Science Week in 2020. Because of you, countless Tasmanians were able to safely enjoy the festival from their homes and classrooms all over the state. The Tasmanian National Science Week Coordinating Committee want to convey their sincere thanks and appreciation for the incredible outcomes this year, particularly given the restrictions we all faced. A huge congratulations for the work you put in for the community. Please fill out this form as a way to acquit your seed grant. If you have any questions please email Please ensure you hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form and please note, some fields are required.
  • The person filling out this form.
  • List expenditure above or attach spreadsheet below.
  • How many people attended, watched, or streamed your event or accessed the resources you provided? Please put a close guess if you are unsure of exact numbers.
  • Evaluation could include audience demographics or any data about how your audience engaged with your event/activity?
    Please tell us what channels you used for promotion. Select all that apply.