Tasmanian National Science Week Fellowship Application Guidelines

National Science Week, one of Australia’s largest national festivals, aims to raise the profile and increase public awareness of the importance of science, technology, and innovation in our society.  National Science Week will be held from 14 to 22 August 2022. 

As a partnership program between a number of government departments and other organisations and institutions, National Science Week demonstrates the significance of a community approach to highlighting the importance of STEM (science, engineering, technology and maths).

Tasmanian National Science Week activities and events can be held during National Science, the week prior, or the week after National Science Week.

The Tasmanian National Science Coordinating Committee is offering a Communications Fellowship for National Science Week 2022 in Tasmania. The Fellowship is available to a science communicator, communication student or individuals with an interest in communications and media.

The Fellowship is valued at $5,000.

Applications close on 19 May, 11.55pm AEDT.


The Fellowship should assist in bringing STEM engagement events and activities to an increasing number of Tasmanians. National Science Week aims to: 

  • encourage informed discussion around STEM-related issues of public interest 
  • engage underrepresented or disadvantaged groups with  STEM 
  • encourage young people to study  STEM 
  • promote STEM-based careers    
  • inform businesses of the importance of STEM  innovation to their long-term success 
  • celebrate the achievements of Australians working in STEM disciplines.


To be eligible to apply for the Fellowship, you need to be: 

  • an individual

The Fellowship is not available to community groups, businesses, or organisations.


The Fellowship is provided to an individual communicator to generate media interest about Tasmanian National Science Week activities and events. 

The successful applicant

  • must be available to attend events and activities around the State during August.
  • will have access to the Inspiring Australia and National Science Week social media channels to document their experiences at National Science Week events and activities. Images and videos (subject to relevant permissions) are expected to accompany social media posts.
  • will have an interest in interviewing event and activity organisers and participants.
  • be interested in generating media coverage of events/activities.

The successful applicant will assist in the coordination of the National Tasmanian National Science Week Coordination Committee Report.

Selection process

A selection committee from the Tasmanian National Science Week Coordinating Committee will assess all applications and determine which individual will be funded. 

Selection will be based on the written information provided by the applicant. In some instances, the selection committee may request further information before making its final decision.

The committee will consider the following criteria:

  • Capacity to engage diverse audiences in one or more aspects of the STEM disciplines. In this context ‘STEM’ may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the life sciences, health sciences, climate change science, environmental science, agricultural science, chemistry, engineering, maths, physics, marine science, ecology, geography, psychology, computing and/or technology.
  • Demonstrate science communication experience , in particular demonstrates innovative and engaging methods of science communication, that reach under-represented or disadvantaged groups including but not limited to youth audiences.
  • Experience with traditional and social media and communication channels.
  • Experience with hosting STEM engagement events
  • Ability to attend National Science Week events throughout Tasmania in August
  • Ability to contribute to the Tasmanian National Science Week Coordination Committee report

The Fellowship recipient must be able to provide a valid tax invoice (ABN required) to receive funds. 

Key Dates

Date Milestones
13 April 2022 Applications open
19 May 2022 Applications close
25 May 2022 Applications notified
31 May 2022 Applicants accept grant
1 June 2022 Fellowship announced
30 June 2022 Send tax invoice
August 2022 National Science Week


Eligible expenses will include compensation for the successful applicant’s time, ticket/entrance fees, consumables, and travel incidentals.

The University of Tasmania will arrange and cover the cost of car hire and accommodation to the value of $3,000, in addition to the value of the Fellowship.

Fellowship Application Requirements

  • The application must comprise a fully completed grant application form.
  • Ensure your application meets all criteria or it will not be funded. 

If you have any questions about these grants, please contact us.