WhySci at the Seafarers' Festival

Come meet WhySci! Visit our stall and learn about science in Tassie.
The Seafarers’ Festival is a free family event held over the show day long weekend, and it welcomes all comers with a hearty cheer with activities and entertainment for the nautical and landlubber alike.
Designed to provide have-a-go fun, this festival features the debut of Giant Battleships! A classic game for kids of all ages gone large, join in with the crusty pirates from Big Monkey Theatre and sink your opponent’s battleships. Also on offer, people can join in to make the tentacles for the Killer Kraken Sand Sculpture, create and race your own wind powered boat, learn the official game of the Royal British Navy and participate in hydrodynamic experiments with the WhySci Science Unit.
Lindisfarne Sailing Club and the Bellerive Yacht Club combine to bring Discover Sailing Day, a chance for people to try out either the small Pacer boats similar to those used in the Rio Olympics or larger keel boats. Advanced registration for these is available on their websites.
If raising a glass and indulging in excellent food is more your thing then Seafarers’ has teamed up with some of Tasmania’s best producers to appease your taste buds while you enjoy this year’s stage program. With a focus on international cultures that have a rich vein of nautical history, the festival presents Songs From the Sea, music by performing groups from five different cultures.
With ocean races to witness, oral histories from the early days of Tasmanian fishermen and over thirty interactive stalls, the currents of intrigue run deep at the Seafarers’ Festival.
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