Where? Where? Wedgie!

Decades ago, there were estimated to be as few as 1000–1500 Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles remaining. There’s since been a lot of efforts to reduce human impacts on these birds, but we don’t know if these are working. Are numbers now recovering, stable or continuing the suspected decline? You can help find out and guide conservation action, by joining in the Where? Where? Wedgie! surveys in May.

Get your family and friends outdoors this May, to help track Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle numbers, together with Tasmania’s other birds of prey, white cockatoos and corellas. The surveys take place on two long weekends (Friday–Sunday) at mid-May and end-May. If you can recognise these birds (or you’ve got the time and interest to learn) and don’t mind getting out and about around Tasmania for a few hours of surveying, why not book a survey square, get out into nature and contribute to the science?

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