Volcanic Eruptions in the Deep Submarine Environment: Are the Dynamics and Products the Same as on Land?

Volcanic eruptions on land are spectacular events for scientists and the public alike. Eruptions on the sea floor are probably no less spectacular, but they are rarely observed. The lack of observational opportunity has severely hindered the scientific understanding of submarine volcanism. The deep-sea eruption of Havre submarine volcano north of New Zealand in 2012 was an exceptionally powerful event that produced a gigantic 400m2 raft of floating pumice which alerted scientists to the eruption. Ship and robotic vehicle surveys of the volcano in 2015 provided an unprecedented dataset from which to discover the similarities and differences between eruptions and their products on land versus in deep submarine settings. Associate Professor Rebecca Carey’s team-based studies of this event have elucidated the special complications that arise for eruption into water versus air. Their insights can be used by science teams for future submarine eruptions.

Associate Professor Rebecca Carey is a former Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow, Tasmanian Tall Poppy Scientist of the Year, and the 2020 winner of the Australian Academy of Science Dorothy Hill Medal. Rebecca is interested in volcanic processes and environments, geological hazards, and indigenous cultural narratives around volcanic events. She leads the volcanology group at the University of Tasmania.

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