Have you ever wanted to escape and go somewhere where no one has ever been?  Virtual Reality can give us a chance to explore new places and see things that may not even exist yet.  Touring across the North of Tasmania, is a fantastic opportunity to do just this.
Amazing worlds:
Walk on a sunken shipwreck, land a space craft or come face-to-face with a whale are just some of the possibilities you can enjoy.  Modern super-computing and creative people make for incredibly realistic environments that have you believe you are there.  Come and talk to the experts and see what it takes to create another world or immerse yourself in your own.   You may get so caught up, that you find that for every minute you are in the VR, ten will pass by here on earth…
These events are FREE and suggested audience is aged 7 and over.  Bookings are not required.
Contact: Central Coast Council, Brittany Trubody 0403 911 410