Virtual Reality 101

Have you been wondering what virtual reality is all about and wanting to learn more? We’re delighted to be able to host a remote location for a course that James Riggall is teaching as part of his Fulbright Scholarship in the US, a Virtual Reality 101 course that will be run out of Bellevue College in Seattle.
Every Wednesday from 10 am to 12 noon, we’ll be tuning into James’s classroom in Seattle to learn about virtual reality, augmented reality and other related technologies. This is a theory/background course, so there’s no need to have any particular technology background to participate (if you’ve never touched a VR headset before in your life, that’s totally OK!).
In the course we’ll be covering the following topics:
Course Introduction + What is VR?
History of VR
Immersion and Presence
Interfaces + Interaction
Social Worlds
Serious Applications
Social + Ethical Implications
Future of Virtual Reality
There will also be guest lectures just about every week, with a bunch of awesome VR/AR industry folks lining up to share what they know about immersive technology.
You don’t need to attend every session to get something out of the course (feel free to dive in part way through), but you’ll get the most value by treating it like a normal university course and coming along to the lectures each week.
If you attend the lectures, you’ll also have access to the full course website which includes a whole bunch more material that you can explore in your own time (as well as slide decks and video lectures that you can use to catch up on material you missed).
We’re delighted to be able to host this series of lectures at Enterprize and we’d love to see you there! Follow this event for more information about guest lectures etc. as they’re announced.