The Upstream Petroleum Industry; Tasmania’s Position

The Royal Society of Tasmania invites you to this presentation by John K Davidson.
The global petroleum industry is divided into the ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ components. Tasmania has a small intermittent upstream exploration and ‘invisible’ production industry via two offshore pipelines from Bass Strait to Victoria. The downstream transportation, refining and marketing is supported by the shipment of refined products to Tasmanian ports.
Oil, condensate and  gas is produced from the Yolla field 100 km north of Burnie in central Bass Basin and is piped to Lang Lang southeast  of Melbourne. Gas is also produced from the Thylacine field in Otway Basin northwest of King Island and is piped to Port Campbell in eastern Victoria. The Trefoil gas discovery 40 km west of Yolla is planned for development.
While the export of petroleum products is modest, the ‘export’ of geological  and engineering knowledge to the global upstream industry has been significant. The history of Tasmanian’s contributions is best taken from the late Prof S. W. Carey in the 1930’s, via the Yolla discovery in 1985 to the present, with insights into the future both locally and globally.
All welcome. Free event.