The Tamar/kanamaluka: 200 plus Years of Mud and Misunderstanding

For many years since European settlement, the Tamar/kanamaluka has been seen as a unique system and management decisions were based on riverine science with dire consequences for estuarine health and sedimentation. Poor decision making and the paucity of knowledge/science continued into this century in what must surely be a classic Dunning-Kruger scenario. With hysteresis now clearly evident, remediation requires a greater understanding to that which created the present state. Solutions to provide such remediation will be presented.

Dr Ian Kidd graduated from UTas (1980) with a BSc in physics. He worked in various roles from tutoring, the public service, to building, before completing a Graduate Diploma of Computing. He spent 20 years in the computer industry before assisting Prof Jenny Davis with research into the Tamar/kanamaluka. That assistance became an obsession and Ian completed a PhD on the topic of the Tamar estuary in 2017.


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