The Science Inspiration

Professor Tanya Monro is a literal ‘bright spark’ in Australian science, driving exciting research into photonics – the science of light. As a young teenager, Tanya thought her future would be in music, before being turned onto physics by a high school science teacher. As the 2014 Science Inspiration, Tanya will in turn pass on her passion to students and adults alike.
Professor Monro is the Director of the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS), and an eminent RiAus Bragg Member. Her current research uses photonics to measure and detect changes in tiny particles invisible to the naked eye, in real-time. With applications ranging from tracking cancerous cells to detecting trace chemicals in food, this technology has a tangible, real-world impact. Tanya is a widely celebrated physicist, distinguished by a suite of national and international awards.
Discover how creative a career in science can be, and be inspired by one of Australia’s most dynamic scientific leaders.
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