The Science and Splendour of Aurora

  • Dr Gary Burns Honorary Scientist, Australian Antarctic Division Research Associate, University of Tasmania
  • Loic Le Guilly Ultimedia

The aurora is a natural emission of light from Earth’s upper atmosphere and is often visible from Tasmania.
In this free public lecture, Gary Burns, an expert in atmospheric science, and Loic Le Guilly, a renowned photographer, team up to explain what powers the aurora and how you can observe and photograph its spectacle.
Gary will explain how the three dominant auroral colours (green, red and violet) are produced, how auroral activity varies with geographic location, time of day and season, and how the collision of the solar wind with the Earth powers the aurora.
Loic will describe how to capture auroral images with modern cameras and provide tips on viewing opportunities near Hobart. Loic will also show images from his personal collection and recent photographic competitions.