Sustaining food from the ocean: what do we know (Public Lecture)

A public lecture to be present by one of the world’s most influential marine biologists and fisheries scientists

Professor Ray Hilborn

Professor, University of Washington

Seafood production is important to Tasmania’s economy and for future food security. The ability of our oceans to continue to produce seafood has created concern leading to claims that fisheries management is failing and that new approaches are needed — Professor Hilborn will argue that we do not need new approaches, we need to apply approches we know are currently working. He will discuss the status of global fish stocks, which are generally sustainably managed. The major concern is fish stocks that are not subject to documented management regimes. The environmental impacts of fishing, aquaculture and livestock production will be compared using a data base of over 200 individual studies. Recent research examined periodic shifts in recruitment and productivity of most fish stocks, which tend to be unrelated to fishing pressure.
Professor Ray Hilborn is possibly the worlds most influential marine biologist and fisheries scientist, known for his work on conservation and management of fisheries. He is currently a professor at the University of Washington.
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This public lecture is presented by the Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies.