STEM Facilitator Training by Children’s University

Children’s Discovery is providing free online introductions to our STEM in the library programs. Learn how our suite of programs have been developed especially for librarians as facilitator. Build skills and become a confident STEM guide on the side.

Training will include elements from:

·      Storytime Science for ages 3 to 5 brings an exploration of science to Storytime.

·      Little Bang Discovery Club is all about how science works for ages 3 to 5 and junior primary.

·      Little Bang Discovery Plus explores scientific method and science topics more deeply.

·      Big Bang Science Workshops  investigation and discovery workshops for primary children.

·      Makerspace activities suit upper primary children and teens.

Upcoming sessions:

·      Thursday 7 March at 12.30pm – 2pm (AEDT)

·      Wednesday 10 April at 12.30pm – 2pm (AEST)

Let us know if there is something you’d particularly like explored.

To register, contact Wendy: 0402 483 494,