Staying cool under pressure: The psychology of extreme environments

Join us online for our second alumni lunchtime webinar presented by Dr Kimberley Norris from the School of Medicine (Psychology) at the University of Tasmania.
Dr Norris will discuss how people adapt, survive and thrive in the Antarctic environment, and how this knowledge can be used to enhance human wellbeing from Antarctica to Outer Space.
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Speaker Profile: Dr Kimberley Norris is a Lecturer in the School of Medicine (Psychology) at the University of Tasmania.
Dr Norris is the Australian Associate Member for the SCAR-COMNAP Joint Expert Group on Human Biology and Medicine. Her broad research interests focus on developing and testing models of individual, family and community resilience (adaptive capacity) in both normal (e.g. transition to university) and extreme environments (e.g. Antarctica).
She has worked collaboratively with the Australian Antarctic Division to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the resilience and vulnerability factors experienced by expeditioners and their partners during the course of Antarctic employment.
Through her work, Dr Norris aims to develop strategies to enhance people’s well-being in even the most challenging of environments.
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