Seminar: Culture and sustainability

Australian Values? How to shift our cultural values for a more equitable and sustainable world
Guest Presenter: Mark Chenery, Common Cause Australia
A growing body of research in the fields of psychology, cognitive science, linguistics and behavioural economics suggests appealing to extrinsic values like fear, ego and status is a misguided and counterproductive approach for organisations dedicated to environmental sustainability or social justice.
Mark Chenery is the co-founder of Common Cause Australia – an organisation that is changing the way environmental and social justice advocates engage with cultural values. Over the past three years, Mark has trained hundreds of people across Australia and New Zealand in the use of values and frames to motivate change. Through workshops, research and tailored support for cause-based organisations, Common Cause Australia is building a movement to strengthen the cultural values needed to create a more equal, democratic and sustainable world.
Mark will provide an overview of the Common Cause approach to values, the research that informs it and how environmental organisations in Australia are incorporating the principles in practice.
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