In this special Festival presentation with CSIRO, you’ll dive inside the hive and get a glimpse of the fascinating science of bees.
Bees play an important role in the Australian environment as key pollinators of many native plant species.  They also play a significant role in food security with up to two thirds of Australia’s agriculture output dependent on honey bees for both yield and quality of crops.
At our special presentation, supported by Inspiring Australia, you’ll learn fabulous and awe inspiring facts about the not so humble honey bee and why Albert Einstein said that if we lose our bees humankind would only have 4 years left to live. Understand the super engineering and dynamics of the physical hive, see the new Flow Hive and learn about the common pests and diseases threatening global bee populations.
In Tasmania, we’re in a unique situation where bee populations and habitats are wonderfully healthy but the trick is to keep them that way. So, learn how everyone can help secure thriving habitats for bees whether you’re a beekeeper, gardener or regular human!
There will also be free honey tastings.
Mark Horstman, ABC Catalyster Reporter will MC the event
Dr Steven Quarrell, CSIRO
Dr Paulo de Souza, CSIRO
Yves Ginat , Miellerie Honey Tasmania
Cedar Anderson, The Flow Hive
Thanks to Inspiring Australia for supporting this event