Will you get off that thing!! Screen-time, learning and cyber safety

It’s the dilemma facing every parent, and is being called a crisis by some. How much screen-time is too much? What impact is it having on learning and development? How accurate and balanced is the information our kids are receiving? And how safe are the platforms they use?

But is there another side to the story? Can those evil screens be harnessed for educational purposes? And aren’t they preparing our digital native kids for the real world?

The University of Tasmania marks Social Sciences Week with a major public forum – and encourages parents and their kids to attend together. Join our expert panel for the discussion we need to have about screen-time, learning and cyber-safety. An audience Q&A session will follow.


Dr Nicholas Hookway – Senior Lecturer, Sociology, & Media Commentator
Detective Sergeant Aaron Hardcastle – Australian Federal Police
Dr Libby Robinson – Principal, Kingston High School
Amelie Hudspeth – Co-President, Senior Leaders (Grade 10), Kingston High School
Dr Angela Thomas – Senior Lecturer, Education
Hosted by

Dr Jocelyn Nettlefold – Media Education Partnerships, ABC

Refreshments from 5.30pm.

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