Science in the Pub: Cute, cuddly and dying

Cute, cuddly & dying: challenges in wildlife disease ecology


Dr Scott Carver, PhD, UTas, Lecturer in Wildlife Ecology

Dr Andy Flies, PhD, UTas and UniSA, Morris Animal Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Alynn Martin, PhD student, UTas

The goal of Science in the Pub is to promote understanding of and enthusiasm for science, technology, education, and mathematics (STEM) in the general public. The monthly gatherings areĀ on the first Friday of each month.
To this aim Science in the Pub should bring together people who may or may not consider themselves scientists in the shared interest of understanding, criticizing, debating, and learning more about current issues in science. Holding these meetings in a pub will allow this event to reach people who may be discouraged or intimidated by events held in the traditional academic sphere.
Science in the Pub is not a lecture series given by experts; it is a monthly forum where 2-4 panellists deliver short, 10 minute presentations on their experience with the topic and then answer questions from the audience via a moderator. Scientific discussion and debate can then continue informally among attendees after the panel disassembles.
Panellists are selected primarily on their ability to effectively communicate science in a non-technical and engaging manner. The expertise of the panellists will represent a range of backgrounds from STEM academics, researchers and working professionals to members of the public with first-hand knowledge on the subject.
By providing information from varied perspectives, Science in the Pub aims to create an atmosphere that respects different opinions while grounding those opinions in scientific evidence.

Come along at 5:30 to get a seat and free nibbles.