Raising Awareness of the importance of our local Wetland – Pitt Water- Orielton Lagoon

Join BirdLife Tasmania members Eric Woehler and Valeria Ruoppolo to look and learn about the migratory shorebirds that breed in Siberia but spend the summer months here in Tasmania. There will be telescopes for you to see the birds, and educational material for you to take with you.
Come and learn more about the beautiful, yet fragile saltmarsh community that surround parts of the Pitt Water-Orielton Lagoon Ramsar site. Pitt Water-Orielton Lagoon is one of 10 Ramsar sites in Tasmania and the only one adjacent to a residential area. Dr Vishnu Prahalad will be on hand to discuss the plants that inhabit the wetland area.
Eric, Valeria and Vishnu will be on Shark Point Road, Penna at Frogmore Creek Bridge at 10am Saturday 30 January 2016 for an enjoyable and informative session learning about the amazing migratory shorebirds that travel 25,000km every year to this saltmarsh community.
Bring along sturdy shoes or gumboots, hat, suitable clothes and binoculars.
To register for this event please visit the below website: