Pub Crawl: an introduction to insects as food

You are invited to The Quartermasters Arms, for an evening of talk and food – focused on insects. Enjoy three presentations on the science, economics and culture of eating insects – entomophagy. Including three courses of invertebrate hors d’oeuvres to temp your tastebuds and challenge your prejudice.
Eating insects is common around the world, however an abundance of other foods and general ‘ick’ factor has kept them off our tables, until now. Forecast population growth of 30% (9 billion by 2050) will require an agricultural increase of 70% to keep us all fed – impossible. Food production has to get bigger while carbon footprints get smaller, and nothing has a smaller footprint than an insect.
Tickets $10 (plus booking fee) – spaces limited so please CLICK HERE to book early and avoid disappointment!

This event is supported by Inspiring Australia