Are the Paris Climate Goals Still Attainable?

Climate change is a global emergency that goes beyond national borders. To stop it, we require international cooperation and coordinated solutions at all levels. The 2015 Paris Agreement is the most successful example of this to date, but is it falling short?

Dr Mathew Ives says there’s still hope. Hear about his work at the University of Oxford on sensitive intervention points in socio-economic systems that trigger profound impacts. Discover the evidence that suggests learning-by-doing in clean energy technology can decarbonise our global energy systems, supporting the Paris goals, and save us trillions in energy system costs.

This work has profound implications for global sustainability and the prospect of future green economic prosperity.  There is still work to be done before we break our addiction to fossil fuels, but there is reason to hope a smarter, cleaner, fairer future is possible.

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