OktoLab19 brings together artists, writers and scientists to investigate octopuses in all their extraordinary glory. The exhibition aims is to contribute new ways of understanding and conceptualizing octopuses, in respect to their being-in-the-world and our perception of them, as well as re-evaluating the rich cultural history of the octopus. The responses to this curatorial brief by OktoLab19 participants are as complex, fascinating, diverse and wonderful as the eight-armed animals that have been their inspiration.

Exhibiting artists: Madison Bycroft;  mOwson& M0wson; Neozoon; Hörner/Antlfinger; Burton-Nitta; Mike Singe, Pony Express; Natalie Ryan; Jayson Semmens.

Writers: Rachel Bailey, Peter Godfrey Smith, Erin Hortle

Curatorium: Yvette Watt and Toby Juliff (University of Tasmania, Australia), André Krebber and Maike Riedinger (University of Kassel, Germany); Anne Hölck (independent scenographer and curator, Germany)

Summer opening hours:
closed between: 23 Dec 2019 – 1 Jan 2020
Wed – Sun 12pm – 5pm (during exhibitions)
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Public holidays.