National Science Week Online

All across Tasmania, we celebrate National Science Week every August, but this year it’s heading online. Tasmanians get to stay safe and healthy while learning about, and getting hands on with, science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).

Science now, more than ever, is integral to our daily lives. It’s in the headlines and on the forefront of getting us through a global pandemic. STEM is also helping inform decisions on climate change and many other outcomes that are critical to humanity. But it’s not all about the huge issues. STEM is everywhere, including in your kitchen, shed, and backyard.

Enjoy a range of events from beer tasting to sourdough making to cross stitch and much more. The whole world is right at your fingertips!

Visit the National Science Week Tasmania Facebook page to see what Tassie has to offer or peruse Australian events at

Download your free copy of the Science at Home booklet that lists events and ideas for science you can do at home!

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