On the 20th of July kids from all over the world will be participating in Moonhack, an event that aims to break the world record for number of kids coding at the same time all over the planet.  Come along to Enterprize in Launceston to participate in the world record attempt!  You’ll be given cool outer-space-themed projects to work on and all of the support you need to learn some computer programming and make something cool.
Whether you’ve been doing some coding for a while, or you’re brand new to it and want to give it a go for the first time, there’ll be projects and helpers suited to your level.  This is a great event for people who are interested in coding but have never had a chance to give it a proper go!
Moonhack is being run in Launceston in collaboration with the regular Family Code Club at Enterprize.  We aim to teach parents and kids coding together, so please bring a laptop, a child and an adult to the session (you only need one laptop to share between the two of you).
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