Margaret Sheil Women in Chemistry Leadership Lecture

Prof. Mary J. Garson, from  the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, University of Queensland presents:
In 2017, RACI established an award to honour the trail-blazing contributions of Professor Margaret Sheil, the first Australian female Professor of Chemistry, and who is now the Vice Chancellor of Queensland University of Technology.
Abstract: In 1983, I made a career-changing decision, leaving behind my role as a medicinal chemist in the UK pharmaceutical sector to migrate to Australia to undertake field-based research on the Great Barrier Reef. In my presentation, I will explore some of the challenges thrown at
me as a result of this unusual scientific sea change, and illustrate the scientific journey in general terms by highlighting some of the exquisite molecules that my research group has encountered in the intervening years.
But the most important aspect of the presentation is how it might assist a young chemist in their own professional journey. So I will also offer come comments about what worked, or alternatively what did not work, in my own career story. I will highlight the important role that support networks and
mentorship play, and I will also discuss the benefits that can arise from engaging with professional bodies such as RACI and IUPAC.
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