mapiya lumi | around here

mapiya lumi | around here is TMAG’s new long-term exhibition for children 0-7 years. This exhibition is a specially-developed, age-appropriate museum experience for young children and their carers. The exhibition takes you through Tasmania as a ‘little big home’ – a place of deep oceans, soaring rock columns and tumbling waterfalls, but also a place for tiny nests, comfy kitchens, and fire pit stories, with a dedicated space for ages 0-3 and a range of exciting spaces to discover for children aged 3 and over.

Entry to mapiya lumi | around here is free, but visitors need to book in for a timed session. There are five sessions per day with a capacity of 40 people per session. Four of these are 45-minute sessions, and each day’s final session will be 90 minutes. Bookings are required and will be available two weeks in advance.

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