Macquarie Island seabirds; their place in the food web

Macquarie Island is one of the southernmost World Heritage Areas on the planet. It’s the breeding site of at least 25 species of native seabirds and four species of mammals, and millions of animals come ashore to breed each year (you can bet they aren’t familiar with social distancing!). Unfortunately, half of these incredible species are listed as threatened, so it’s essential that we keep track of their populations to understand how they’re affected by environmental changes. On 25th August, University of Tasmania ecologist Dr Julie McInnes will take us on a journey to Australia’s far south to share insights into how wildlife is monitored on the island and the innovative methods she uses to untangle the diet and food webs around these top-level predators.

No prior registration is required to attend, however as seating is limited, early arrival is recommended.

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