Lasers Can do Anything!

Presented by Emeritus Professor Hans Bachor and Mr Patrick Helean.
Where did lasers come from? How have lasers gone from being “losers” to being a multi-billion dollar industry? Today, lasers are everywhere: in factories and hospitals, at home, up in space and in the ground powering the internet. What might lasers do for us in the future? This talk will combine fun demonstrations about the invention of the laser and explain how lasers work and how they improve our lives.
Prof. Hans -A.Bachor AM is a pioneer of quantum optics in Australia; based at the Australian National University (ANU) he has taught university courses for may years in Australia and In Europe. Prof Bachor was made a member of the order of Australia for his contributions to research, education and youth programs in the field of physics. He is now a Emeritus Professor at ANU.
Patrick Helean has a wealth of experience in theatre production, science communication and the art of explaining science in effective and exciting ways.
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Supported by Australian Institute of Physics and UTAS School of Maths and Physics