Junee Florentine Karst Talk

Seeking the Master Cave – Tasmania’s Junee-Florentine Karst System

Alan Jackson will deliver a talk on the Junee Florentine karst area to be followed by an excursion on the 23rd January.

Tasmania’s Junee-Florentine karst system at Mt Field has provided cavers and speleologists with new and exciting discoveries for decades. The area contains Australia’s deepest caves and many of its longest. Alan Jackson will be discussing the history of the area’s exploration including the tools and techniques employed to systematically discover, explore and document its caves.
Alan Jackson is an avid cave explorer based in Hobart. As a member of the Hobart club Southern Tasmanian Caverneers since 2001, he has dedicated his spare time to exploring and documenting the deep, sporting caves of the Junee-Florentine.

The excursion is intended to show the physical side of the talk on the Tuesday, but each event is a stand-alone item.
The Junee Florentine has a magnificent example of stream capture, where streams running down the northern sides of Mt Field West do not reach the Florentine River, but go under the ridge and emerge at the Junee resurgence, near Maydena.
Free event. All welcome.
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