Come along to the Tasmanian premier of this extraordinary documentary at the BOFA Film Festival.
Inventing Tomorrow follows the scientific experimentation performed by 4 teenagers from 4 different countries. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and won Best Documentary at the Seattle International Film Festival.
“A moving story of kids who are pragmatic about the forward march of industry yet believe societies can, and must, find cleaner ways to advance”. Village Voice.
Competing in the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair, the film focuses on the polluted environments in which they live, and ways they can develop tangible solutions to these situations. Dealing with the on-going issues of sustainability of the planet, the film provides hope in the form of these delightful young people keen to provide benefits to the community. The film beautifully juxtaposes their own adolescent hopes and dreams, with the scientific competition with which they are so doggedly involved. Who wins? Does it matter: all of them, and us, really.
There will be a Q & A discussion of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) movement in Tasmania following the film.
Directed by Laura Nix, the running time for this documentary film is 104 minutes.
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