"Imagining a Different Future" Community Event

Join us in crafting a community response to the challenge of ‘imagining a different future’ that is a fair and effective response to climate change, focusing on Tasmania but with the whole world in mind.
This free community event is part of theĀ Imagining a Different Future Conference (8-10 February).

Breakout sessions include:
  • Food – How can we create a secure, fair and healthy food future in Tasmania and contribute to the repair of the world?
  • Energy – What could the Tasmanian energy system (electricity, oil and gas) look like if it were seriously decarbonising and equitable?
  • Shouldering Our Responsibilities – what is our fair share of the carbon ‘task’. How should we be acting as part of our Pacific neighbourhood?
  • Crafting a just and regenerative future – living it now. What do a flourishing new economy and society look like?
  • Reaching Out – ways to connect that work. How can we increase the voices that support climate change action?
  • What do we need to learn from the holders of indigenous knowledge?

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