Identifying the Source with Forensic Science – a public lecture by Dr Charles Connor

DNA profiling is currently considered the gold standard in human identification. But just how reliable is DNA profiling, and Forensic Science in general, and should the public have any reason for concern about what is presented in Tasmanian courts? What techniques are used in criminal and coronial cases here in Tasmania? Is it just like what we see on television?

Dr Connor is a senior Forensic Scientist at Forensic Science Service Tasmania, specialising in the examination of crime scenes, biological testing and DNA profiling, and is an Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analyst. His duties include examining items pertaining to criminal and coronial matters in order to give evidence in Tasmanian courts.

Free for members of the Royal Society of Tasmania. $6 – General admission, $4 – for students, QVMAG or TMAG Friends, and members of Launceston Historical Society.

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