How elite athletes control emotion

The title of this seminar is Emotion and the sense of control in skilled action and the speaker is Dr Wayne Christensen.

Dr Christensen explains: “Using the phenomenology of mountain bike riding as a case study we develop a detailed characterisation of the sense of control and argue that it plays a crucial role in fast evaluative processes that guide the structuring of action sequences and modifications of strategy to suit conditions.

“Elite mountain bike riders have a highly developed sense of control that allows them to operate near the limits of their performance abilities without exceeding them (most of the time). On the basis of this account we draw some implications concerning underlying mechanisms.”

This semester will be held in the newly developed ‘immersion’ video conference rooms on the Newnham and Sandy Bay campuses – rooms which are designed as one virtual room.

The two video-linked rooms are Physics 218 (Sandy Bay) and Launceston A0001 (Newnham) – the latter is in Building A directly below Lecture Theatre 4 (use the Auditorium entrance to Building A).

The seminars is this series are free and open to the public.