The Great Lambert Bug Hunt

Be an entomologist for the day and join Lambert Gully Bushcare in the first ever Great Lambert Bug Hunt. Explore Lambert Gully and help discover what bugs call it home. There are over one million different types of bugs worldwide – How many will you find? What will they be? Can you identify them all? Local experts will be on site to assist. Bring a camera and bring a friend. Adults and families welcome.
This is a terrific opportunity to get outside into the bush, meet new people, and be a scientist for an afternoon.
Parking is limited. If driving, make sure you allow plenty of time for parking. Alternatively consider taking the bus, riding or walking.
Bring (if you have them): a magnifying glass or bug viewer to assist in bug spotting; field books, smart phones and tablets to assist in bug identifying, and a camera to take photos of the bugs that you discover.
Photos of your discoveries can be included in the Great Lambert Gully Bug Report.
To keep up to date with the latest information on this event, visit the City of Hobart Bushcare Facebook page or the web page.