The Future of the World's Oceans

The Royal Society of Tasmania Winter Series 2017 is here!
Over three fascinating Wednesday nights discover the future of the word’s oceans.
Sessions open to all who are interested!
Session 1:

Wed 5 July 7.30 pm
Future seas: climate change and the world’s marine ecosystems
A/Prof Gretta Pecl, University of Tasmania
Blue revolution: innovative food production for a sustainable future
Prof Stewart Frusher, University of Tasmania
Session 2:
Wed 19 July 7.30 pm

Past oceans: an insight to future changes
Dr Taryn Noble, University of Tasmania
The future of sea level: how fast, how much?
Prof Matt King, University of Tasmania
Session 3:
Wed 2 Aug 7.30 pm

Coral reefs in the Anthropocene: what does the future hold?
Prof Terry Hughes, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University
Geoengineering the planet: can we, should we try to offset global climate change?
Prof Philip Boyd, University of Tasmania
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