Family Code Club at Enterprize Hobart

If you have a young tech enthusiast in your family (or as a friend of the family), then you’ll love these free family code club events at Enterprize!
Don’t have time to read a lot of words? Here’s the quick version!
What: Family Code Club
Who: Adults and Kids (Aged 9-12)
When: 5:30pm Mondays
Where: Enterprize Hobart, Level 5, 24 Davey Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000
What To Bring: A parent or guardian and a laptop for you to share.
Want a bit more info? Here you go!
Based on the worldwide Code Club model, these workshops give you an opportunity to learn coding (and associated skills, like building apps, building games and creating pixel art) in a safe and friendly environment, with some experienced mentors to help you when you get stuck.
These events are designed for you to work through materials and exercises at your own pace. We base our activities on the Code Club resources that you can explore yourself at home if you like (you can find them here: However, if you come along to these events you’ll have university students and professional programmers around to help you if you get stuck and provide advice along the way.
You don’t need any prior programming experience to participate in these events (that’s sort of the point!), but if you have done a bit of coding before (like Scratch, Hour of Code or Code.Org) then that will just mean you can jump a bit ahead in our materials.
This event is totally free! Come along and bring a friend!
Please note: This is an event for adults and children, so come along as a pair or small group (an adult working with and supervising younger people aged 9-12) and bring enough laptops for the kids to all be able to follow along (no need for each adult to have a laptop of their own, they can share).
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