Family Code Club (Launceston)

Ever wanted to learn coding with your kids, or another young person in your life, but haven’t known where to start? That’s what these events are all about!
The idea is this:
Bring along a young person to learn coding with. Bring a laptop. And work together with our crew of volunteers to learn programming using a combination of Code Club Australia’s excellent materials and some other bits and pieces that we’ll provide along the way.
We’re going to run a few sessions (fortnightly with a subtle schedule change in the middle — keep an eye out for that) and see how these go. If they’re a success, we’ll keep doing them!
These events are completely free. We’d prefer that people come to all of them if you can, but there’s no harm in jumping in in the middle of the series if you’d like to. This will be a “work at your own pace” sort of thing.
If you’d like to learn more about Code Club, you can find out a whole bunch by visiting their website here:
We hope to see you there!