Exhibition: The Hemisphere Travellers

Birds are nature’s intrepid, wondrous global travellers, migrating on instinct from one hemisphere to the other on journeys that we don’t yet fully comprehend.
These beautiful, exploring paintings by celebrated Tasmanian wildlife painter Katherine Cooper, celebrate the similarities that exist within island life regardless of hemisphere; the links between these resilient and remote fishing, farming communities and the special wildlife that unites them.
From the wilds of the Shetlands to Three Hummock Island her detailed images are full of fascination.
Finalist in the 2011 BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year award, Katherine Cooper portraits global travellers like the albatross or the curious stay-at-home puffin bird, in extreme distant settings doing what they do naturally.
“This project is but a snapshot of what we take for granted around us – what we don’t see, but could if we only took the time to do so,” she says, “the simple, the uncomplicated and the beautiful.”
“My exhibition is dedicated to raising awareness of the beauty and fragility of our wildlife and the habitats in which they co-exist with humans.”
Further information: Phone 6430 4949 or email Joanna.Gair@utas.edu.auThis is an official Ten Days on the Island visual arts event.
Image credit: Puffins at Burravoe’, 2012 by Katherine Cooper