A Symposium: Dinosaurs and Evolution of Life

The Royal Society of Tasmania has put together a once-in-a-lifetime program of talks on the latest discoveries about dinosaurs and evolution.
We have invited the top dinosaur experts from around Australia to present their recent research on these amazing animals that lived for 165 million years on Earth. You will also hear the latest theories on evolution of the species and the discoveries that Charles Darwin made when he visited Tasmania in 1836.
Participants will benefit from hearing Plenary Session Keynote talks by several distinguished scientists on dinosaurs, evolution and mass extinction.

  • Professor John Long – Flinders University, will give an overview on the origin of the species, including dinosaurs.
  • Dr Steve Salisbury – University of Queensland Dinosaur Lab, will talk about the recent discovery of dinosaur tracks in northwest Western Australia.
  • Dr Stephen Poropat – Swinburne University of Technology will talk about Australian dinosaurs through the Mesozoic period and the Triassic fossils found in the Hobart area – _are they dinosaurs?
  • Dr Phil Bell – University of New England, will talk on recent opalized dinosaur discoveries from Lightning Ridge, NSW.
  • Professor Ross Large – University of Tasmania, will talk about research on past ocean chemistry, evolution and mass extinctions over the last 600 million years.
  • John Pickell – a well-known author has published several books on dinosaurs will run a Q & A session on dinosaurs, fielding all sorts of questions from the audience.

Tickets from $15 – $250. Please visit the website for more information.