Discovering CallTrackers

Curious about the hidden wildlife in action around your neighbourhood at night? From the ultrasonic chirps of 9 elusive bat species to the booms of the rare and mysterious Australasian bittern. Many fascinating creatures make sounds around us at night yet go unnoticed.

You are invited to embark on a journey of exploration through the CallTrackers project. Your gateway to the wonderland of nocturnal wildlife calls every September to March. Tasmanians get the chance to borrow state-of-the-art recorders from libraries across the state. These fantastic gadgets enable us to unravel the secrets of different animals’ calls. They also help track changes in their numbers and habitats over time. You’ll receive species identification suggestions the moment you upload your recordings to the Acoustic Pipeline website. It’s like having your own hidden-wildlife guide.

Get started this August with our National Science Week workshops! They’ll be held at 5 libraries across Tasmania, along with two online webinars. These sessions offer a highly supportive environment. Enabling potential CallTrackers to gently navigate the technology behind the world of acoustic wildlife monitoring.

Here’s what you can expect:

Learn how to ‘book’ your very own CallTracker survey spot. With several options within 6 km of you, wherever you are in Tasmania. There are discoveries to be made just around the corner!

Master the art of deploying your recorder. Helping to capture the diverse sounds of our nocturnal world with ease.

Unveil the mysteries of wildlife ecology and conservation needs, when you explore the results of your recordings.

Sign up now for an Early Bird ‘ticket’ to receive the first alert of the finalised dates and locations. Let the wonders of nature at night captivate your soul.

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