COVID-19 and You: Pandemics by the numbers (online webinar)

Have you been trying to keep up with the flood of news and information about COVID 19? Have you been noticing that a lot of it is quite… well, MATHSY?

Exponential growth, logarithmic scales, contact networks, simulation, herd-immunity, flattening the curve, R0, growth factors…

In this online Zoom webinar, Dr Barbara Holland will aim to cover the more mathematical aspects of the media reporting on the COVID-19 crisis, and how governments have tried to use scientific and mathematical modelling advice to best protect their citizens.  There will be opportunities for Q&A included in this session.

About the Speaker
Dr Barbara Holland is a Professor in the discipline of Mathematics within the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Tasmania. She works within the Theoretical Phylogenetics research group and lectures in Statistics. Since beginning her PhD she has enjoyed the challenge of working with biologists in trying to translate the problems they face into the language of mathematics.

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