Cosmic Nomad with Josh Richards (Hobart)

Comedian, physicist, and general troublemaker Josh Richards knows his days are numbered: short-listed for a one-way mission to Mars in 2026, he’s probably going to die there…
So if you had 10 years left on Earth, what would YOU do before you went?
Straight from the Adelaide Fringe Festival and World Science Fesitval, Josh uses his unique blend of science, comedy and storytelling to answer humanity’s biggest questions: Who are we? Are we alone? How do I use space to get laid? And what kind of idiot volunteers to die on a cold rock 350 million kilometres away?
Josh will be supported by local comedians and MC James Warren from Cloud Comedy.
Tickets $15 on Eventbrite
Note: The venue is licensed. Children Under 18 must be accompanied by an Adult
Recommended for mature audiences 15+. Strong coarse language and mild sexual references
Presented by: Inspiring Australia (University of Tasmania) and Cloud Comedy