Coral: Rekindling Venus

Ten Days on the Island presents

Coral: Rekindling Venus
by Lynette Wallworth

Dive into the ocean’s depths on a mesmerising journey – before it’s too late

Filmmaker Lynette Wallworth’s immersive video work for full dome plunges us into the ocean’s abyss to reveal an exquisite and fragile world of fluorescent coral reefs, bioluminescent sea creatures and shimmering marine life – a world fatally threatened by climate change.

Inspired by the international cooperation of 18th Century astronomers to witness the Transit of Venus, Coral: Rekindling Venus weaves together science, imagery and music from global artists including Gurrumul, Anohni and Max Richter to underscore the biodiversity and the fragility of the oceans.

Wallworth’s creation engulfs us with a sense of wonder, a deep longing to protect the coral community, and a vast realisation that the coral’s survival is tied to our own.