Computer-aided Chemical Design: The Future of Chemistry?

Most people regard chemistry as an experimental science and experiments are certainly very important- after all, one of the main goals of chemical research is to make useful materials upon which modern life depends.
Still, finding the best way to make a chemical is requires a lot of trial and error.
Wouldn’t it be great if computers could predict reaction outcomes, or how molecules behave under different conditions?
It could save chemists lots of time, effort and money by suggesting methods that are most likely to work.
Believe it or not, some scientists are doing exactly that! They’re computational chemists, just like Professor Michelle Coote from the ANU.
She’ll give you a taste of some of things computational chemistry can do – from designing paints that last longer, to improved self-healing materials or solar cells.
See how computational chemistry can be used to test crazy ideas (like using electricity to control chemical reactions). Some of these ideas may not be so crazy after all…!
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