The Climate Experimentum Show

Presented by CAN West (Climate Action North West, Tasmania, volunteer group), The Climate Experimentum Show is an extravaganza for the whole family that will entertain, inform, and at times surprise.Anton Kole of CAN-West will demonstrate five experiments that will unveil the science of how greenhouse gases are warming our atmosphere, and what some of the current and future effects may be for us on our planet. The show is designed to entertain as well as educate those who want to know more about the science of climate change. For those that remember Julius Sumner Miller, then these shows may bring back some good-old memories. The five simple experiments and demonstrations will give the audience a front line view on the science behind how climate change is being influenced by greenhouse gas emissions.
There will also be a table of information with volunteers to help answer any queries or requests for further information after the show.The Climate Experimentum Show is also proudly supported by Hellyer College and the Children’s University. Children with Passports to Learning can have their passports stamped at the event (1 hour event).
If you have ever wondered how greenhouse gases are changing our climate, then this is a show not to be missed.
CAN-West is made up of a group of concerned Tasmanians from the North West area, who get together regularly to share ideas and plan events, aiming to inform the local community of the impacts of climate change. The group also aims to provide the local community with information that may help them to prevent, prepare for, and adapt to the current, and future local impacts of climate change.
For more information about CAN-West or how to become involved in mitigating, adapting to, and solving climate change related issues, then people can visit the CAN-West Facebook page on .