Book Launch:The Shy Mountain (Donald Knowler)

The Hobart Bookshop is pleased to invite you to the launch, by Charles Wooley, of Donald Knowler‘s new book, The Shy Mountain, published by Forty South Publishing.
Silent and brooding, the Shy Mountain does not have to speak her name. We know she’s there, watching us, even when she chooses to hide beneath a blanket of low cloud. Although she’s not a mountain of legend like Everest, Kilimanjaro or event Kosciuszko, she has her own claim to fame. Kunanyi/Mount Wellington brings wilderness to the very doorstep of a significant centre of population, and how many mountains can claim to do that?
Some see menace, anger there; others a benign face bathed in early morning sunshine.
As journalist and author Donald Knowler discovers on a mission to record a year in the life of the 1,271-metre peak, the Shy Mountain provides an escape from the human pressures of the city, blunting concrete and glass with leaf and bark.
Free event, all welcome.